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Our Beginnings

Since 1937, Warm Springs Foundation has been providing hope to people with physical disabilities.

What started as a well of warm water where children with polio reaped therapeutic benefits, grew into a comprehensive rehabilitation system dedicated to changing disabilities into ABILITIES. Our small-town beginnings have made way for a history rich in passion and triumph. Through education and commitment, Warm Springs made a profound impact on thousands of lives.

As Warm Springs grew and prospered, they continued their legacy of providing quality rehabilitative care to those recovering from illness or injury.  

 The Portal to Texas History - UNT Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation for Crippled Children Meeting - The Portal to Texas History

And with the water from the well of our beginnings, we will nurture the seeds of success!



Polio was sweeping the nation, victimizing both children and adults.

Eight Gonzales businessmen remembered the long forgotten well and, with the hope that the warm, mineral rich waters could assist in the recovery of polio patients, established the Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation for Crippled Children.


Through the efforts of the Foundation and the financing of surrounding cities, the hospital was known as “The Texas Rehabilitation Center”, grew into a large campus treating hundreds of polio victims from around the state.


The development of the Salk vaccine virtually eradicated polio in the U.S.

The hospital expanded its services to include treatment for people physically challenged due to illness and injury.  


A new $7 million complex at the original Warm Springs was named the Dorothy Ploeger Pavillion honoring the Gonzales resident for her continued community leadership and past service as President of the Warm Springs Rehabilitation Board.

The 37,000 square foot hospital offered 34 patients in private rooms with an expansion to 76 patient rooms.


The corporation’s name was changed to Warm Springs Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc.

A 65-bed hospital was opened in San Antonio. It was built on land leased from the San Antonio Medical Foundation.


The beginning of the Warm Springs “All Can Ski” program held at Sea World in San Antonio.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Corpus Christi Warm Springs Hospital and the first patient was admitted on June 16th.

Warm Springs opened a rehabilitation hospital in Victoria, TX.


The hospitals were sold in 2006 to Post Acute Hospital Systems. Warm Springs Foundation, Inc held the assets from the sale.

ConnectAbility was founded in 2016.