Leading change to improve the lives of persons with disabilities.

Supporting the people and caregivers of San Antonio since 2008.

The Warm Springs Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that make positive changes and addresses barriers for people living with disabilities, with a focus on those living with spinal cord or brain injury, amputation, disabilities arising from catastrophic events, and similar functional impairments.

We use our funding resources to drive change in the following ways:

  • To collaboratively create and support systems that lift the human spirit and provide paths to independence.
  • To build the capacity of nonprofits to provide quality healthcare and social services especially for those living in poverty and affected by other factors creative health inequities.
  • To fund emerging and new approaches for rehabilitation care, assistive technology, and social services.
  • To provide families of people with disabilities the training and emotional support to strengthen their ability as caregivers.
  • To develop and collaborate on networks and platforms that enable the sharing of data and knowledge to enhance learning and decision-making to make positive changes for our population.

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